Nicola is a freelance commercial photographer based in Melbourne, where he arrived via building his career both in Japan first and Rome later. Stupidly enamored with people and their stories, he wakes up every morning aching to shoot portraits and broadcast the personality of his subjects, whether it be for editorial, commercial or fine art purposes. 

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Simone (better known as Sio or Scottecs) is a comic artist and Youtuber based in Italy. Over the last few years he achieved an unbelievable success in Italy though his comics and animation videos, that led him to be one of the most famous comic artists and internet personalities of the whole country. His youtube channel is sitting at more than 1.300.000 subscribers and racks up over 200.000.000 views. 

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Lorenzo is a chef and food lover. He has roamed the kitchens of Venice (Italy) after completing his education in Italy with various chefs in Piemonte. His interest in food is only rivaled by his interest in the stories behind such dishes and the people that make them.