#001 - A new beginning : unCOMMON:Arctic is LIVE!

Where did we leave off last time? 
Ah yes! Cycling the length of Japan! 

Well, a few things happened from back then... 
Sio moved back to Italy, I moved to Melbourne, Australia and Lorro kept on cursing the day he had to say no to cycling the length of Japan with us.

What? You don't know who Lorro is!?

Well, let me fill you in: Lorro is a talented chef, a gigantic nerd, a wonderful person but most importantly, Lorro is our best friend. 

Me Sio and Lorro form a trio that goes waaaaay back to our University times and obviously, is still holding strong. 

Last December, me and Sio met in Singapore and spent a week brainstorming about what our next project could be. Several beers, coffees, weird pokemon runs after, we had our plan: combining our love for cycling, exploring uncommon areas of the world and interest in people living differently to what we are used. Sprinkle a little wilderness on top, add 24 hours of sunlight a day, serve chilled: unCOMMON:Arctic was born. 

The plan is simple: explore some of the northernmost areas of the planet, Svalbard, Iceland (by bike) and Greenland, to experience how life is so far away from everyone else. (???)

We gave Lorro a call and explained him the plan: "Say no more, i'm IN" 

This is it.

Welcome to unCOMMON:Arctic.