#11 : Mountain stories. From Tokyo to Niigata.

After spending 6 days in Tokyo, doing everything a tourist wouldn’t do, (and unwillingly avoiding every single thing a tourist WOULD do) we jumped back on our specializedTricross bikes and started cycling towards the Japanese alps and the city behind them, Niigata. 

With little to no surprise, we left Tokyo relatively late and the first day flew by too damn quickly: traffic, street lights, last purchases for the trip and more then 50km before even finding ourselves outside of that urban jungle. 

As soon as we reached the first little village outside of the suburbs of Tokyo, we pitched the tent and went to sleep super early. 

#07 : The first big cities. Osaka and Nara.

#07 : The first big cities. Osaka and Nara.

The day before reaching Osaka we stopped at Takarazuka. 

Why? Why the hell not! 

No, seriously, Takarazuka is where the KING lived. Nope, I'm not talking about Elvis, not that KING. I'm talking about Osamu Tezuka, the one and only KING when it comes to Manga.